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 My daughter has an iphone. Can it actually get on the internet and send email? ?

  • Yes 

What does it mean when they say a predator "grooms" a child?

  • Grooming is a systematic process used by a predator to build a friendship and pave the way to an eventual meeting with the your child. The predator may use cell phones, twitter, face book and other social tools.

My son uses a trac phone. Can it be examined??

  • Yes. We can examine and retrieve data from trac phones but, depending on the model, the information might be limited.

Every once in a while, I'll take my daughter's phone and look through it. I don't see anything suspicious. Does this mean she is making right decisions?

  • We know that you hope so. Unfortunately, today's kids have learned to delete information after each session which makes the information unavailable to be viewed by the parent. We have a saying, "When in doubt, check it out."

My son said it would be a violation of his privacy if I had his phone examined. Can I get in trouble?

  • If your child is under 18, your child's rights preference for privacy must not out weigh your child's safety. Sure they'll be upset with you but how upset will you be if they become a victim and you could have prevented it.

Will you be able to recover pictures or text if if they were deleted?

  • Yes/No. Our forensic technology is the best on the market and supports over 8,600 makes and models of cell phones.  However, once in a while we will find a non supported phone.  Also, the memory of each phone is limited. As files or pictures are deleted, the space where the deleted file occupies may get over written with new text or pictures. Once the data is overwritten, it cannot be recovered. It's important that if you suspect you child is involved in an inappropriate relationship or involved in questionable activity using his/her phone, you should immediately take the phone for examination. If they delete the information prior to you seizing it, there is a good chance we will be able to recover the information.

How will I know if the person texting my daughter is a predator?

  • This is where our service is very useful to a concerned parent. Our report identifies a child's contacts by name or screen name used by the groomer.  If there is text or email, you will be able to read it along with the date and time of contact.  Armed with this data, the parent is able to talk with the child in a systematic way and quickly identify the next steps required

I just had my daughter's cell phone examined by your company and recognized a teacher from my daughter's school has been sending her inappropriate text. What should I do?

  • You MUST contact the police in your jurisdiction

 Will you be able to tell me if my son has been visiting pornographic web pages on his cell phone or computer?

  • Absolutely. We will provide you with every site visited in accordance with the history information stored internally

I want my daughter's cell phone examined. How do I get it to you?

  • If you're within the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania or Las Vegas, Nevada area, we can arrange to meet you to pick up the phone. Or you can simply FedEx, UPS drop ship mail via USPS. to the address provided to you after payment

How long will my daughter lose her cell phone once you have it for examination?

  • Most phones are examined and returned within 48 hours. This time will be significantly longer if the phone is pass coded and the password is not provided or if you want the phone or computer searched for specific information such as names, dates, credit card numbers etc.

Are there any hidden cost involved in this process? . How do I pay? 

  • When you call our private number, we will discuss your needs and make every attempt to work within your budget. We require pre payment prior to receiving the phone or computer. You will also be required to pay the return shipping charges.  We can accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

My son has been getting threatening and harassing text messages from a class mate. What should I do?

  • If after examining your son's cell phone you find evidence of threats or harassment from another student, you may either contact the local police or the superintendent of the school district. Our report will be detailed enough to effect an arrest or administrative action.

How do I get the information from you once the examination is complete? 

  • We can electronically mail you the report for your review or we can make a hard copy and mail it to you. The only cost difference is if there is in excess of 50 pictures or text messages that we have to print in order to make a hard copy, we must charge $.25 per picture or text over the limit of 50. (Cost of ink is expensive) We have examined phones containing over a thousand pictures and to print that many at our price would be cost prohibited. There are no additional charges regardless the number of pictures or text if we electronically email them.

Does the deleted information stay on the cell phone or computer forever?

  • NO. Depending on the amount of storage capacity, the deleted files can be over written with new files thus making them unrecoverable. This is more likely to happen quicker with a cell phone than with a computer hard drive. It's imperative that we get the phone for examination as quickly as possible once you become suspicious of your child's activity

What should I do if I know my child is being contacted by an adult which I believe is inappropriate?

  • Once you receive a report from us and you recognize a person who is contacting your minor child inappropriately, you should immediately contact the police within your jurisdiction. Because our testing and examination procedures are within law enforcement standards, they may use our report for prosecution evidence.

Will I be required to sign any contracts
  • YES. You will be required to sign a "service agreement" with our company. It will outline that you agree with the terms and conditions that we discussed during your phone inquiry.  It's straight forward with no awkward language.


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