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To have a device examined, here is what you do

1. Call us at 702-359-2500

         We will discuss details of your concern

         We will offer an opinion or suggestion to best help you

         We will suggest a cost-effective solution.  This is where our experience and technology comes into play.   

   2. Payment is simple. You have a choice:

  • Check

  • Money Order

  • Credit Card

             3. You will be provided a physical  address to   send the device during the initial call.  

If we extract evidence that your child is in danger and the information is turned over to law enforcement for prosecution, There will be NO CHARGE for the service.


Because the phone or computer may contain evidence to be used in a court of law, we take a number of steps to protect the chain of custody.

1. The device is assigned a lab number and logged into our property report indicating the date and time it was received

2. The device is examined in accordance with our initial telephone conversation

3. Information is extracted and a report is generated in accordance with our initial phone conversation.

4. The report is either electronically sent to your email or a hard copy will be printed at an additional cost.

5. Within 48 hours of receiving the device, it is signed out of the lab and taken to a shipping carrier to be returned to you.

NOTE: During the examination process, if we view or read anything that may be deemed life threatening or may cause bodily harm, we will immediately notify you by phone.  

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